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Furzone #10 Wide Blade


Furzone #10W (0W - 3/32" -- 2.4mm)

Furzone® Snap On A-series Blade for Furzone 610 Clipper, will also fit any A-5 type clipper that take a snap on and off blade system such as Andis and Oster

‧ High quality high carbon steel with a Rockwell Hardness of about 62. Which means the blade will hold its sharpness longer. Providing of course with any blade, proper cleaning and oiling is maintained.

- The cutter blade has more teeth than the standard blades you are use to giving you more of a cutting surface.

‧ Heat treated and ice tempered for longer life

‧ Cool running and extra sharp

‧ Rust resistant and durable

‧ High speed and fast cutting


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