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AEOLUS Nova Dryer

AEOLUS Nova Dryer

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The NEW Nova dryer is a completely brushless, single motor dryer yet more powerful than the leading dual motor dryers on the market! Drying pets in your pet grooming process is a quick breeze with the new NOVA dryer. With only one motor, this dryer remains light weight and portable at about 8lbs. Did we mention that it is a brushless pet grooming dryer??? That's right! No need to change out those pesky carbon brushes every few months. Keep the filter clean and you have close to no maintenance for this machine. Save yourself time and headache! This dryer has both variable heat and variable wind speed. Use the heat or don't use the heat on this dryer. Use it on a low speed or blast the air force to get the pet grooming job done quick on bigger dogs! The new Nova pet groomer dryer comes with our new patented concave flat nozzle, helping to eliminate those pesky hair kinks that velocity dryers are known for. It also comes with a round nozzle. A new addition to our product line up is the comfort hose cover that is also included in your purchase of the NOVA dryer. The hose 2.5ft hose extends to about 8ft in length as you increase the wind speed. This pet grooming dryer has it all! Don't skip out on the saving time and money at your salon. Invest in the NOVA dryer today! *Air Force: 1250g *Motor Power: 1600W *Heating Power: 600W *Max Power in Watts: 2200W *Heating Control: Variable *Wind Speed m/s: 191 m/s *Surface Air Pressure: 23.8kp *CFM: 650CFM *Voltage: 110V *Frequency: 50/60Hz *Limited Warranty: 1 year *Hose Length: 2.5ft-8.9ft *Gross weight: 11lbs

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