Sharp Edges 

Home of the Hamaguri USA Convex Sharpening Systems



Dennis Brooks conducts all training at Sharp Edges certified by the National Shear Sharpener’s Guild and the National Beauty Tools Sharpeners Guild as a Master Sharpener and judge.


Training is conducted on a one on one basis.  There may be exceptions for persons from the same company.


Training can be tailored to your specific needs:

1.  In a shop environment

2.  In a simulated salon setting

3.  In a simulated mobile vehicle


You can be trained to sharpen while either standing or sitting (your preference).


Shear Training Topics


1.  Understanding the different designs of shears and their use

2.  Convex shears

3.  Bevel edge shears

4.  Thinners, blenders, and chunkers will be covered tooth by tooth

5.  Bending and twisting of shear blades and handles (setting)

6.  The art of corrugating by free hand and by using a corrugating fixture (the advantage of corrugation)

7.  Different corrugating files and when to use them for specific applications




The length of a training day will be at least 8 hours.  The number of days required for training will depend upon an individuals past experience, skills, and types of equipment to be trained on.


Digital pictures will be furnished for your notes.


Shears and thinners are provided with your training.  We also provide you with vendor information for shears, clippers, and clipper parts, along with an extensive list of places to obtain scissor sharpening customers.


If you are considering becoming a mobile sharpener, we have pictures on a CD that we will provide you with.  The pictures will give you an idea on setting up your own mobile unit.


Upon completing the training course, you will receive a training certificate signed by a Certified Master Sharpener.


A valuable advantage of your training is the on-going support after you leave Sharp Edges.

If you purchase one of our machines you will always receive 10% off of any product that we make.


Cost of Training per Day


Japanese Hamaguri flat-hone system with machine purchase

          -  $600.00 per day

-  Flat-hone sharpening without a machine purchase

          -  $800.00 per day

-  Sharpening using the Hamaguri Industrial Model Scissor Sharpener (this is usually in conjunction with flat hone convex sharpening training)

          -  $500.00 per day on it's own

-  Clipper Blade sharpening and machine maintenance

          -  $500.00 per day


Note:  Sharp Edges is a factory authorized training and sales center for Wolff Industries® and Treyco.


You will receive training on automatic and/or free hand clipper blade sharpening machines.  Training will cover all types of clipper blades and understanding hollow-ground clipper blades.  How to set the correct tension on the springs, how to set the sockets, and how to test the clipper blades will be taught.  You will be able to guarantee your clipper blade sharpening 100%.  Knife sharpening basics are included with each course if desired at no additional cost.


During breaks and lunch break, in depth discussions on business procedures will be included.